Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{Glass Etching Crazy!}

I have finally put my fears away and tried GLASS ETCHING. I have seen so many awesome projects out there but I was just plain intimidated. Not anymore.

This year I am hosting a Holiday Cocktail Party for all my girlfriends and decided to make each one a special gift,

I went to my local Dollar Store and purchased Wine Glasses, went to my local craft store (used a coupon) and purchased Armour Etch then used my Cricut to make the template on contact paper. For the dots, I used the eraser side of a pencil (my hubby's idea)  It took about 2 hours or so but it went faster as I did more of them.

TIP: Instead of using expensive transfer paper, use Glad Press & Seal So much cheaper and really easy to use

Below are the Wine Glasses I made, There are minor flaws but they turned out great.

What did I do next... Dollar Store Martini Glasses with dots all over them. They look very similar to a BIG DEPARTMENT STORE design that I have wanted,,, just a whole lot less expensive to do myself,

I am Addicted to Glass Etching... Try it... it was so much easier than I expected, Once the holiday is over I will try to post a video of the steps but in the meantime... I wonder what else I can etch...

Happy Craftin'

Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Coffee Filter Flowers}


My husband & I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary next June (2012) and I have been experimenting with centerpiece ideas. Here is the flower I have decided on! Very cute, very easy!!