Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{ Creative Mess }

Hey Crafters! Check out my CREATIVE MESS below!

I recently purchased several new craft supplies and working hard at getting my creative juices flowing.

My newest obsession is Unity Stamp Co  ==> Here is the link:  and just LOVE THEM!! They are the cutest designs and you will see me use them a ton in the coming months. It is kind of funny how I discovered them. I found a video on YouTube (forgot who did it) and they had the cutest stamp and I fell in love!! Over the past couple of months I have accumulated a pile of them and they are quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The other thing I dusted off and started using again was my Cuttlebug. I started purchasing dies and to be honest, I am started to love them more and more! I barely use my Cricut anymore (don't worry, I have a project planned). 
I have a couple of projects that are just using my Cuttlebug that I will be posting.

And my most recent purchases (as a matter of fact, they were delivered today)  are the We Are Memory Keepers Gift Box Punch Board and Envelope maker. LOVE THEM!! Already made a couple of envelopes, boxes and even some bows for a gift (I'll post them another time).

Be on the lookout for some new posts!

Check my Facebook Page and as I get more subscribers there, I will have a giveaway, so spread the word!

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Happy Craftin' and I will be posting some projects soon!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

{Happy Birthday Spinner Card}

This card is made by using "Stamps of Life" spinner2stamp set. Love how it came out!

{2014 ~ New Start}

HELLO! Boy have I missed you guys and this blog!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. Here are a couple of highlights from my past year and why I am back...

*  I decided to move my blog to a different website, didn't work out too well for me. It seems I lost a ton of followers. Rather than continue, I lost interest in blogging... today, I slapped myself on my hand and forced them to start back up!

* I had some medical issues over the past year that ended with a surgery this year and I finally feel like I am on the mend. (not giving to many details, however, not too serious!)

*  I needed to rediscover my crafting voice. Last year, I feel like I was all over the board on what I was doing... this year, very focused! I LOVE MAKING CARDS! (with the occasional treat box thrown in)

From today on, here is what I will promise:

*  Make at least one video a month (probably more, but not promising more now)

* At least one blog post per week (again, probably more, but not promising)

* Do at least one giveaway a year (need to think on this, but will come up with something clever)

* Try my hand at being on design teams (if I make it) because I just think that is Cool!

So.... time to get my act together and LET's GET CRAFTIN'!

~ Janice
The Craftin' Geek