Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just thinkin'....

I am trying to find my craftin' voice and not sure which direction I should go...
"A Craft a Week"?
"A medium a Month"?
"My views of the best craft sites"?

For now I will dabble in several areas and write what I am "Just thinkin'..."

Today I am just thinkin' about "Make the Cut!"...
It really is a amazing addition to my card making tools. I was able to download free fonts from the web to use and this is the best site I found:  Very cool fonts to use!
As far as using "Make the Cut!" I wasn't really sure how to get the really intricate fonts to cut out but then I discovered... 

Once you type your text, highlight then select Shape Magic =>; Layering. After you do that you can click and separate the two sections (the bottom and the top). Cut the two layers in separate color very much like Cricut Layers. Very easy... Very cool!! I also discovered that not only text but webdings can be done this way and it really opens up what you can now cut with your Cricut.

Happy Craftin' 

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