Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taking the plunge with Cricut Explore

Hello Crafters!!

After much debate, I have decided to take the plunge and purchase the New Cricut Explore! This wasn't an easy decision because I already had the E2 and even though I loved it, I felt like I was moving away from using a die cut machine and using more manual die cuts and stamps. 

Well not any more!! I fell in love with Cricut ALL OVER AGAIN!! 

Below are my first two projects (which in all honestly, took about 15 min total) where I tested out not only cutting, but, the scoring and writing capabilities. 

As far as the cutting & scoring, it seems much more precise and not having to drag out my scoring board was a huge bonus! Now for the writing... If you look at the card below, the top line was originally a cut out, but I hid the contour and put a text box over it. As you can see, it wrote it beautifully! 

I am already dreaming up ways to create my Holiday Cards and signing them with the Explore.

If you are on the fence... come on over!! You will love it!!

Happy Crafting,
The Craftin' Geek


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